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What camcorder format is best for me?

Hi8/8mm & VHS-C (analog)

8mm is still the most popular format. Advantages include lower prices and long recording time (up to 4 hrs. on a single tape!). 8mm also offers better sound quality that VHS-C. Hi8(high-band 8mm) provides 50% sharper picture quality than standard 8mm-the best that analog can do. VHS-C picture quality is equal to standard 8mm. VHS-C's main advantage is tape compatibility with standard VHS vcr's (via an adaptor).

Digital 8 & Mini DV (digital)
Digital camcorders offer higher resolution and video signal-to-noise specs than any analog models. Digital advantages include greater ease and precision when searching for, titling, and editing recorded segments. Multi-generation digital dubs look identical to original--clarity and color are far superior to analog recordings. If you plan to work with video on your PC, look for a camcorder with a serial connector or the much faster i.LINK connector. Sony's Digital 8 models combine digital picture quality with Hi8/8mm backwards playback compatibility. Mini DV is designed for professionals or serious hobbyists - most models use superior optics. Mini Dv's tiny tape permits pocket sized camcorders.

What to look for in a DVD?

Digital Audio Outputs:
 These jacks, on your DVD player's rear panel feed the Dolby digital or DTS bitstream to a compatible receiver or decoder. They can also feed stereo digital audio (PCM) to a digital recorder such as MiniDisc, CD-R/W, or DAT. There are 2 types: optical and coaxial.

Built-In Dolby Digital Decoder:

A player with a built-in Dolby digital decoder has the usual stereo ausio and digital outputs, plus "5.1-channel" audio outputs which can be connected to any Dolby digital "ready" receiver.(You can also connect a player with a built in decoder to a Dolby digital receiver).

Able to read the DTS 5.1 channel digital audio signal on a DTS DVD and pass it along to a receiver or decoder with DTS decoding. (The number and availability of DVDs with DTS soundtracks is still very limited).

Component Video Output:

 A 3-jack video connections that allows the pure component video signal recorder on the DVD to be carried directly to a TV with a compatible component video input. Offers enhanced color accuracy.

Shuttle Control:
A single knob or dial that makes high-speed search or slow-motion scene study easier.
Multibrand Remote Control: the main advantage is miltibrand TV operation, though Sony models also control volume on major receiver brands.

Home Audio - Car Audio - Phones - Intraoral Cameras - Security - DVD - Tapes  -Accessories - Pianos

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